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We Supply Excellent Components for Your Industrial Machines

You need to make sure you have the right tools regardless of the job. For large firms, this means having the appropriate industrial components readily available.  Industrial Components Group brings over 60 plus years of experience to the table whether you need industrial knobs for tooling or fastening applications or some other specifically machined part. What Are [...]

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What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

First Industrial Revolution 1784 marked the beginning of the First Industrial Revolution, which introduced the use of steam, water, and mechanical production equipment. This transition allowed for the more efficient production processes in manufacturing. The textile industry was the dominating player during this time period, however, almost every industry was improved during this time. The [...]

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Best Uses For Ball Lock Pins

Any good industrial enterprise needs to have the right components, which include quality ball lock pins. There are a few considerations that you need to take into account to make sure you get the right components for the job at hand. Not only does the Industrial Components Group have a variety of these products that [...]

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Digital Manufacturing Concepts for Tomorrow’s Factory

There are those saying the United States is on the verge of a comeback in manufacturing and the surge has everything to do with innovation and digital manufacturing concepts. Experts who are in charge of industrial component supplies are saying this is one of the biggest advancements in industry for America since the 1800s when [...]

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Smart Manufacturing: Tomorrow’s Ideas Today

The future is here as far as industrial manufacturing goes.  For decades, factories used by industrial component manufacturers were staffed by legions of people doing the same repetitive things over and over again. With the digital revolution, smart manufacturing systems are changing the look of modern manufacturing to the benefit of the people who work [...]

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Maintenance Tips to Keep Industrial Components Running

All the machines that you use in any business need to be maintained properly so they can continue to be profitable. Industrial components are just as important to your business as the people who run the machines they are a part of. Making sure your company uses the right industrial components supplies is just one aspect [...]

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How To Boost Warehouse Efficiency

Getting the most from your warehouse is an important part of increasing your bottom line. As many industries require better, leaner, faster services from you, having a better warehouse organization system is a must. Here are a few warehouse productivity ideas to help you keep pace with today’s innovation and change. Go Up! Here at [...]

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Choose the Right Hand Wheel for Your Industrial Machines

Choosing the right hand wheel is about understanding what you need for your industrial machine and then finding an industrial components supplier to purchase from. At Industrial Components Group, we provide a good assortment of plastic hand wheels and others made from cast iron, aluminum and other materials so there’s one for every situation. These are perfect for adjustments [...]

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What Are Ball Locking Pins

When you need operating and control elements that come in metric and imperial sizes to fit a variety of industrial needs, we’re here to help at Industrial Components Group. We provide ball lock pins that come with Button Handles and Ring Handles as well as L Handles and T Handles. Design of Our Ball Locking [...]

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These Mini Angle Magnets Supply the Maximum Hold You Need

Every part needs to do its part so that your industrial enterprise runs smoothly and understanding Magswitch mini angles, their uses and reliability, is no exception. In this day and age, it’s important to make sure that your industrial processes are keeping pace with automation and modern technology and that’s just what these Magswitch workholding system products [...]

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