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Lockers Importance In Schools and Staff Rooms

There’s very little that the sports program at the University of Oregon does that won’t merit the rest of the country’s interest and moderate jealousy. Lucky by location, the D1 football team has donned some of the most fashion-forward uniforms and shoes in recent history, compliments of Nike. The craze – loved by some, loathed [...]

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Bring Stability To Your Woodworking

If you're a carpenter or into woodworking and you don’t own a toggle clamp, it’ time you do. Woodworking professionals and enthusiasts are always looking for ways to add efficiency and stability to their woodworking process. Toggle clamps and pull toggle clamps are the answer. Not only do toggle clamps add efficiency and stability, they [...]

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Choose the Right Knob for Your Appliance

If you’ve taken the time to choose a new refrigerator or stove for the kitchen, it only makes sense that you’ll want to make sure everything is coordinated with that new appliance, including the knobs and pulls to compliment your choice.  While most people are familiar with the idea of these accessories for your kitchen [...]

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Top Woodworking Tools to Own

So you’re looking for a new hobby and you daydream back to the days of shop class in high school. Making boxes or perhaps a stool as your first “woodworking” project and were told you had a natural knack for crafting wood. Well why not start back up and dive into the wonderfully rewarding hobby [...]

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How to Reduce Appliance Noise

In the hustle and bustle of modern times, appliances are life savers. They make doing our chores a multi-tasking parade and allow us to accomplish so much more in the day. Over time, these appliances for which we have so much gratitude can get a little fussy. More specifically, they get a little noisy. Sometimes, [...]

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Let Technology do the Heavy Lifting

If you are tired of the time, energy and labor force it takes to do your company’s heavy lifting, you’ve come to the right blog post. Heavy lifting no longer needs to demand hours, multi-step processes or multiple persons on the job. Consider using magnetic technology to lift even your heavy machinery. It takes only [...]

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What More do you Need to Know about Crank Handles before Purchasing?

So you need a crank handle? No problem! You’ve come to the right place. Industrial Components Group offers a wide variety of crank handles. Now the question, which is the right one for you? Crank handles are used for a variety of reasons. Usually, they are employed on products that need to leverage strength. At ICG, [...]

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Types of Hand Knobs You Can Use for Your Industry

Curious about hand knobs? You’re our kind of reader! It seems simple enough to find the right knob for your industrial need… until you look at your options. There are so many! All options sport positive grips and can be customized for particular applications. Let’s take a look at the options so you can make [...]

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Who Knew that Using Leveling Pads with Machinery was this Important?

What do I need a leveling pad for? Good question and the answer is: a lot! Leveling pads are perhaps one of the most overlooked resources in projects. For things to work properly and conveniently, we need them to be level. We cannot always rely on the ground as a source of stability for machinery. [...]

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2016 Top Rate Office Chairs

Perhaps one of the most underappreciated piece of equipment in an office setting is the office chair. Whether you actually sit in it or you spend countless hours a week glued to it, having the proper chair can make a world of difference. Few things are worse than uncomfortable chairs which create lingering pain or [...]

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