Product Description

Magswitch on/off magnetic workholding squares. For use in welding, woodworking or anywhere steel is used. MagSquares exert a strong magnetic hold on 3 sides, and provide fast and easy multi-plane workholding for positioning steel. Magswitch MagSquares open a powerful magnetic field with a simple 180-degree turn of the knob. Machined at 90 degree angles, MagSquares are ideal for fixturing and offer many uses: level sheet, support, stop, guide, mounting base; the uses are endless. A must for every fabricator and welder.  Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control, super strong, precise positioning. Holds flat and round steel.

Part # Description Holding Force (lbs) Size W x D x H (mm)
8100054 MagSquare 150 150 40 x 40 x 64.84
8100238 MagSquare 400 400 64 x 41.26 x 87.60
8100106 MagSquare 600 600 75 x 51.50 x 105.40
8100099 MagSquare 1000 1000 108 x 72 x 146.90