Walk through any store and you will find hundreds of products in just as many different types of packaging. The way a product is packaged is an important aspect of its marketing and advertising. The trends of packaging change rapidly and are ever evolving, similar to the fashion world. The theme for 2016 in the packaging world is that consumers seem to be overwhelmed with the choices available to them, so a minimal approach can be seen across various markets. Here are the most popular trends in the packaging industry for 2016.

Simple – designers focused on the product itself and the mindset of the consumers when coming up with a lot of the packaging this year. A clarifying approach with straightforward wording cuts to the chase and doesn’t leave the consumers guessing. The idea is to clarify, not simplify.

Geometric – patterns and shapes express an idea of simplicity, approachability and familiarity. Limiting to the most basic shapes and simple color palettes of high contrast or monochromatic features illicit a comforting appeal to the consumers. This a great approach in industries that feature a lot of overwhelming designs making them stand out even more.

Old Fashioned – reliving the past has been a popular theme this year in the world of packaging. It reminds consumers of a simpler time when products were made with care and crafted with precision and detail-oriented. Foiling, letterpress and calligraphy are just a few of the ways that packaging has taken on an old-world feel.

Alive on the Shelf  another very popular idea in packaging, especially in types of food packaging materials, is the idea of having them fit right in on your shelf beautifully. Shifting the mindset of the consumer from disposability to being able to keep it around because it looks nice has been a focus. From chocolate bar wrappers to jars for food, the packaging makes the products more inviting and human.

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