Perhaps one of the most underappreciated piece of equipment in an office setting is the office chair. Whether you actually sit in it or you spend countless hours a week glued to it, having the proper chair can make a world of difference. Few things are worse than uncomfortable chairs which create lingering pain or a cheap chair that lasts but a few weeks. Gathered from customer reviews and general information, the following are a few top office chairs sure to provide a comfortable seat to conduct your business from.

When it comes to office chairs, the top of the line is undoubtedly Herman Miller. You get what you pay for and this brand delivers on all their promises. First up is the Herman Miller Embody Chair. Coming in at a whopping $1,229 (not counting possible add-ons for the wheels, etc.), this chair is not only 95% recyclable at the end of its lifespan, it also has too many possible adjustments to count. This stylish chair is customizable to the max and is so well designed and ergonomic that it actually improves your spine and back as you sit in it. One drawback however is that for those that don’t sit with an ever so slight recline, this chair is not for you.

A far less expensive Herman Miller actually boasts higher customer satisfaction; the Herman Miller Aeron. At half the price of the Embody, this chair is available in 3 body sizes and boasts nearly the same ergonomic level. It has been a popular model for years for good reason. With great support, mesh stylish and a slightly lower back, the Aeron is a crowd favorite. The one complaint about this chair is that the upturned seat sides and plastic edging of the mesh are slightly uncomfortable for some.

Steering away from all of the possible Herman Miller office chairs that could be discussed, we now come to the Steelcase Amia. At about the same price as the Aeron, it boasts the comfort of the Embody in a design concert without the bells and whistles. They set out to provide top of the line comfort and functionality without the frivolous features of other office chairs and they achieved just that. Coming in multiple colors, this simple yet durable chair will not disappoint.

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair is a surefire way to make the day last longer and listed above are three exceptional office chair models that will not make sitting a tiring chore. Well worth the money, the office chair is a critical piece to any office. It makes a statement, provides support and returns on investment.