Getting the most from your warehouse is an important part of increasing your bottom line. As many industries require better, leaner, faster services from you, having a better warehouse organization system is a must. Here are a few warehouse productivity ideas to help you keep pace with today’s innovation and change.

Go Up!

Here at Industrial Components Group, we’re continually looking to revamp the way we do business to better serve the industry. For us, that means we have custom tooling handled by veteran machinists. For leaders in warehousing, the same kind of efficiency means looking at how best to use vertical space. Selecting taller racking and the right picking machines for the job can make a big difference.

Warehouse Organization

Good warehouse organization needs to take into account best practices. It’s the same idea behind the ones we used when we adopted our ICG manufacturing standards to make sure clients get the best products. For the warehouse, automated pick lists that can be generated without wasting paper is a green technology that also increases productivity. Storing high turnover items near the front of the warehouse eliminates unnecessary travel times. Like a lot of other things, the best  warehouse productivity ideas are simple. Getting staff input can help make everything run more smoothly.