If you’re a carpenter or into woodworking and you don’t own a toggle clamp, it’ time you do. Woodworking professionals and enthusiasts are always looking for ways to add efficiency and stability to their woodworking process. Toggle clamps and pull toggle clamps are the answer. Not only do toggle clamps add efficiency and stability, they add safety to your workflow.

Toggle clamps are fast and easy to install. The high clamping ability of a toggle clamp eliminates the need for other jigs and fixtures. This allows you to streamline your woodworking process.

Safety in Woodworking

When it comes to woodworking, safety should be paramount. Toggle clamps securely lock the tool and wood in place allowing you to exert as much force as you want while still guaranteeing safety. Like it’s efficiency, toggle clamps minimize the need for other straps or fasteners allowing you to focus more on your product.

Industrial Components Groups’s Toggle Clamps

ICG toggle clamps are known for their ability to prevent movement and separation. This ability will bring stability to your woodworking. All to often, we hear frustration from those in woodworking about movement and separation between their tools and wood. Most of the time they aren’t using toggle clamps.

At ICG we pride ourself in our toggle clamp design. Of course, if you ever have any questions about toggle clamps feel free to contact our team for additional assistance.