If you’ve taken the time to choose a new refrigerator or stove for the kitchen, it only makes sense that you’ll want to make sure everything is coordinated with that new appliance, including the knobs and pulls to compliment your choice.  While most people are familiar with the idea of these accessories for your kitchen cabinets, not everyone knows about the choices in hand knobs, steel ball knobs and plastic hand knobs available for your appliances.

However, getting those choices right are just as important and you’ll need to work through a few decisions before you take anything home. You can start with one of the centerpieces in the kitchen. If you have enough cash on hand to be buying a high-end stove, the chances are you’ll be excluding any plastic hand knobs for the same kind of steel the appliance is made of.  

Functionality of Knobs

Start by considering functionality next and look at the size of the control knobs. This is important when you’re deciding on the right fit for a stove since you want them to protrude but not so far as to become a safety hazard and an irresistible attraction to your children. The appliance should also have hand knobs that fit securely so they turn correctly every time.  Be sure that any steel ball knobs are spaced properly so you can turn them without bumping your knuckles off the other controls.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to exclude plastic hand knobs when you’re designing and adding accessories to any of the high traffic areas to your house like the kitchen or bathroom. In fact, sorting through what’s available in this material is often made easier when you use the benchmarks you’ve established with the appliance hardware.

Kitchen Steel Ball Knobs

Here’s where you’ll need some guidelines to sort through all the choices. Remember  even though these are designed to help you navigate through the choices you have for cabinets, the same techniques apply when you’re looking at steel ball knobs or  plastic hand knobs for appliances either in the kitchen or washroom.

Choosing the finish can be a matter of deciding what goes best with the colors and textures you’re already working with. The colors of the cabinet or appliance is one of the biggest considerations, but many astute homeowners look to match the texture of the hand knobs with the light fixtures they have in any given room.  

Not everything is about the vision you have for the room either. There are some other practical things you need to sort through including how easy any choice you make is to clean. Keep in mind that solid designs are better than more intricate ones for families that get a lot of use from the kitchen or washroom. As well, there are finishes that lose their luster with heavy use like wood.  It’s quite often the case that practical choices like  steel ball knobs provide both the functionality and style that complete your ideal when it comes to the right appliance knobs.