You need to make sure you have the right tools regardless of the job. For large firms, this means having the appropriate industrial components readily available.  Industrial Components Group brings over 60 plus years of experience to the table whether you need industrial knobs for tooling or fastening applications or some other specifically machined part.

What Are Good Industrial Handles?

Take a good look at the specifications we have for any crank handle you order. Made from plastic or aluminum, these have revolving handles that are perfect for convenience and ease of use.  The turn handle options we have act as efficient and cost effective replacements for crank handles and standard hand wheels.

What About Leveling Pads?

Keeping your machinery level is of critical importance and Industrial Components Group has a fine selection of the leveling feet that will get the job done. These have a variety of applications from heavy industrial machinery to lighter vending machines and point of purchase displays.

Industrial Components Group – Trusted Industrial Component Manufacturers

We pride ourselves on providing excellent standard parts for a variety of industries and in-house CAD services. Our staff is made up of experts in the field of customer service and technical support. Why not call us today at 855-695-3055 so we can get started putting together the industrial components that your business needs?