Global warming is everyone’s business. From the parents watching their children play in the parks to business leaders who want sustainable profits, we all have a part to do. Of course, being a member of the eco-friendly industry movement means the Industrial Components Group has a place at the table. It’s a responsibility to the planet and future generations that goes far beyond simple waste management and is an important part of our company’s philosophy.

Industrial Components Group is Eco-Conscious

We are the industrial components supplier that cares about getting the job done right the first time. That way, there’s less waste and the components we make will last longer. We have both the policies and products that make us an industry leader in the fight against global warming.

What About Industry Guidelines?

Everything we produce is in accordance with strict industry guidelines. What’s more the packaging we use is designed to make sure you get everything you ordered in good condition. This helps to cut down on the carbon footprint from transportation.  Finally, we make all our products in both metric and imperial sizes because we understand we’re the industrial component supplier that’s part of the global family. You can phone us or get in touch by fax or handy online quote form.