Choosing the right hand wheel is about understanding what you need for your industrial machine and then finding an industrial components supplier to purchase from. At Industrial Components Group, we provide a good assortment of plastic hand wheels and others made from cast iron, aluminum and other materials so there’s one for every situation. These are perfect for adjustments that need to be made using a turning mechanism and the hand wheel handles we stock come in folding or revolving types.  

Hand Wheels for Every Occasion

Different hand wheels suit different applications and we have one that fits your equipment. When you need something specific for long-term OEM applications, we have chrome plated gravity cast aluminum solutions that come complete with either folding or standard handles. Other cast iron, nickel plated varieties we carry come with an over sized hub that can accommodate different set screws, key ways and bore types.

Plastic Hand Wheels by Industrial Components Group

Our point is clear. The Industrial Components Group has as many plastic hand wheels as you have applications for them. It doesn’t matter whether you need to be outfitted for machines or valves, items with suitable hand wheel handles for lathes or ones to be used as steering wheels, ICG has what you need at the right price.  

We serve the United States and Canada as well as Europe and Asia and we’d like to add your name to our client list today.