Ask anyone and they will tell you that food production is one of the most important things we do as a society. There are several control components that come together to make all of this possible. These industrial components are important in the processing and quite often distribution part of the entire process. There might not be another industry as diverse as  food processing. That means the component manufacturer needs to be world class to survive in this demanding industry.

Every one of the automation solutions and speed drives that are used in this industry needs to be carefully controlled. The components supplied for this  need to be in accordance with industry guidelines and the manufacturing specifications set up by the food industry. It’s important that each need is met by a team of experts, including secondary machinists who can handle the demands of specific orders that include product alterations, such as borders and set screws.

The industrial components used in food production must be of the highest caliber. More than that, they need to be expertly crafted by professionals who understand the unique specifications of the industry. For example, the proper components for heavy drawers need to move smoothly and efficiently on ball bearings. Everything that’s machined needs to have an excellent quality and durability.

Right components for food production

Getting the right component assures targets and other food production benchmarks energy efficiency, performance, and reliability. Goals all need to be met.  So, one of the bigger questions is what are the characteristics that separate the best component manufacturers from the mediocre ones?

Experience is one of the deciding factors for manufacturers of  industrial components that are needed in the food processing industry. Business leaders like the Industrial Control Group  have 60+ years of experience providing quality control elements to the United States and countries around the world.

A component manufacturer that carves a place in food production will also be versatile and be able to manufacture various parts for different times in any cycle. They will understand the differences in importance between plungers and toggle clamps and the importance of hand knobs, and crank handles to the various machines they fit.

Equipment and handlers

Equipment and handlers must be hygienic to work in food production and the industrial components they use must be easy to work with and readily accessible. Custom stampings are another area the component manufacturer will  look after. They need to be able to work with a wide variety of finishes and textures and of course be ISO certified too.

There are a lot of different variables that go into any successful food production enterprise. The industry is highly regulated and must follow certain government criteria to work efficiently. Control components are a large part of making sure the entire job gets done properly and on time. Choosing the right component manufacturer is as important as choosing the right food to put through the cycle. The industry and manufacturer work hand-in-hand here to produce the products we eat every day.