We’ve come so far since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, we have to stretch our minds to imagine what could be coming next. But it’s true, the next revolution is upon us, and we’re ready to arm our consumers with the right information and materials to make sure they lead the way in the new age.

Preview of Industrial Components Group’s secrets to success:

What’s ahead:

  • We’ve been watching life transform in the first digital revolution. Products and services were made and are now available for our purchase and indulgence digitally. Can you remember when you had to dial up Pizza Hut to place an order? Going forward, we’re bound to see entire companies digitizing. This will go beyond isolated products and services; it’ll fully encompass a brand’s identity and business model.

What’s tricky:

  • Maintaining high enough quality to be a leader on a path that isn’t yet paved. This gets more difficult as brands simultaneously attempt to maintain low overhead costs. Some investment needs to be made on data analysis; the question is, how much?

What to do:

  • Quality over quantity. Gather data that is solely pertinent to your brand, products, and goals. Add sensors to products to better analyze consumer behavior and reactively enhance applicable features.
  • Stay connected with consumers through products. Each product and purchaser is a member of your brand community, and each a valuable piece to the puzzle of success in the coming years. Track and record as much as possible.
  • Invest in analysis. Use data to answer big theme questions. Instead of asking questions and looking to the data for answers, let the data accumulate and see what it’s telling you.
  • Measurable action. The key to data success is response! Make changes structurally, mechanically, organizationally. Wherever data tells you to cut costs or invest, listen and respond to it. We’re in an era that allows us to collect ample sources of insight. Now, we need to use them!

Pretty exciting stuff! When you’re ready to learn more about what’s ahead, and how to navigate it best, you can rely on our team at Industrial Components. Any products you need can be found at our store online, and you’re always invited to reach out to a representative to get a better understanding or further detail on which materials might suit your needs best.