If you are tired of the time, energy and labor force it takes to do your company’s heavy lifting, you’ve come to the right blog post. Heavy lifting no longer needs to demand hours, multi-step processes or multiple persons on the job.

Consider using magnetic technology to lift even your heavy machinery. It takes only one person to control and monitor the magnet, and can be done in one sweeping motion. Here are the main perks of using magnets for lifting:

No Holes with Magnetic Tools

No need to drill holes in one or more pieces to create attachment space for a chain or sling. The magnet simply attaches to the surface. That means no product quality or time lost in resurfacing.

One Man Job

Magnets are a one-person job. Let your employees be useful elsewhere on campus.

Magnetic Tools Are Easy to Move

The magnet needs to attach to only one part. That significantly simplifies the physical maneuvering. If a machine is in a hard-to-reach place, there’s no need to lift and shift to get chains and slings in a suitable position. Simply apply the magnet and voila!

The perks of using remote control magnet technology for heavy lifting are many. Of course, it’s important to appropriately match lifting magnets to the object in need. For consulting on lifting, instruction on using magswitch lifting magnets or any other questions, get in touch with Industrial Components Group.