There’s very little that the sports program at the University of Oregon does that won’t merit the rest of the country’s interest and moderate jealousy. Lucky by location, the D1 football team has donned some of the most fashion-forward uniforms and shoes in recent history, compliments of Nike. The craze – loved by some, loathed by some- started a revolution in the sports world that put uniforms back on the fashion map.

But now, they’re taking in a step further. Like a fine coat needs a cedar-lined closet, every brilliantly designed uniform needs a souped up locker. That’s right- lockers. These foot-wide storage space are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Most lockers at schools, gyms and workspaces are essentially simple. They lock with a padlock or a door key; they include a shelf or a hanging ring. The University of Oregon football team prefers custom-built wood and security measures like thumbprint scans that accompany uniform numbers.

While it’s unlikely that most of us will take our lockers to this level, there are several measures we can take to improve our current locker situation. And we should! We trust our schools, our offices and gyms to safeguard our garments and belongings. We greet these lockers daily; they’re a part of our routine! Let’s take a look at how to keep lockers looking good and staying secure:

  • A cam lock. What is a cam lock you ask. Industrial cam locks are fastening mechanisms that utilize a tab (or cam) which is turned (e.g. by key) to engage a catch (or a lock). Using a metal or chrome cam lock makes for superior security while maintaining a sleek, modest look.
  • Aesthetic complement. Decide how prominent you want the lockers to be, and then choose a material that blends or stands out as a statement piece.
  • Mirrors! Consider using mirrors to open up the surrounding space, increase surveillance and add an interesting aesthetic element to the lockers.
  • Convenience first. Think about where the most convenient place is for lockers, and design the surrounding area based on this. Consider your context, too. Do you need more privacy or more surveillance for your locker users?

Now, adding and weaving these features doesn’t guarantee “Best Staff Room of the Year” award, but it will certainly liven up your space and help keep belongings secure. For more locker design and security tips, check out Industrial Components Group.