Curious about hand knobs? You’re our kind of reader! It seems simple enough to find the right knob for your industrial need… until you look at your options. There are so many! All options sport positive grips and can be customized for particular applications. Let’s take a look at the options so you can make the best choice to suit your needs.

Four Main Categories of Hand Knobs

  1. Metal Hand Knobs
  2. Phenolic Plastic Hand Knobs
  3. Soft Touch Plastic Hand Knobs
  4. Thermoplastic Hand Knobs

The Shapes of Hand Knobs

  1. Lobe
  2. Wing
  3. Ball
  4. Other

Hand Knob Materials

  1. Plastics
  2. Metals

Insert Variations

  1. Tapped
  2. Reamed
  3. Stud style

Choosing the combination for your hand knob is tons of fun, but it can be a little overwhelming! Some of the preference is aesthetic and some is functional. Let’s start with function.

Think of who is using your product or piece of furniture and at what point they’ll be making adjustments via hand knob. Is it a child who will benefit from a hexagonal shape to get a better grip? Maybe it’s a strong adult, but the knob is located on a side of the product that’s hard to get to, so shape is especially important to ensure an easy grip! Then we have a less obtrusive shape, like a small ball. It’ll be easier on the eyes, but it might be more difficult for a consumer with less strength to get right.

Then there’s the aesthetics. Make sure that your hand knob goes with your industry and with your product. Is it a sleek, modern piece that should remain consistently simple? Or could it use a snazzy shape to excite the piece? Metal tends to boast more sophistication, but plastic is practical and given certain temperature/climates, it is sometimes the more useful choice. Again, consider your audience. For example, when catering to a kid-friendly product, plastic is always a good way to go!

Industrial Components Group Can Help With Hand Knobs

So many options, we know! But take advantage of it. A hand knob might seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but it can make the experience of the consumer so much better. Beyond these qualities listed, Industrial Components Group still offers many more! Head over to our site for the best collection and reach out to the team if you need help finding the best knobs for your company.