So you need a crank handle? No problem! You’ve come to the right place. Industrial Components Group offers a wide variety of crank handles. Now the question, which is the right one for you? Crank handles are used for a variety of reasons. Usually, they are employed on products that need to leverage strength. At ICG, all cranks are made from powder-coated aluminum or PA6 plastic.

Most commonly, cranks are plastic or aluminum, but make sure to know what other types and variations are out there.

Most Common Types of Crank Handles

  • Plastic crank handle

  • Aluminum crank handle

And their available modifications:

    • Materials

      • Black phenolic
      • Zinc plated steel hub
    • Finish

      • Polished
      • Powder coated
    • Measurement

      • Inch
    • Mount

      • Blank
      • Reamed hole
    • Primary material

      • Die cast aluminum
      • Glass-fiber-reinforced nylon
    • Style

      • Crank handles with folding handle
      • Crank handles with revolving handle

If you need more help determining which material and modifications are best for you, consult an ICG professional. We’ll get you moving with your project in no time.