What do I need a leveling pad for? Good question and the answer is: a lot! Leveling pads are perhaps one of the most overlooked resources in projects. For things to work properly and conveniently, we need them to be level. We cannot always rely on the ground as a source of stability for machinery. Some floors are older than others, and still, some floors aren’t made level.

Adding leveling feet to your machinery will ensure that your products are safe to use and will last a long time. ICG is one the country’s leading leveling device manufacturers. ICG offers steel leveling, plastic leveling feet, threaded tube ends and a variety of stabilization mounts.

Determining which are best for your product will depend on the dimensions and capacities of your machinery. Some machines require more stability than others and some demand flexibility in their mounts. The good news is, an array of options is available and many pads can be adjusted to accommodate the unevenness of products or settings.

To find the right setup for your machinery, check out the selection at Industrial Components Group. As always, feel free to contact our team for additional assistance.