Mag Hooks

Mag Hooks

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Mag-Utility Hook 25 has 25lbs/11kg holding power on 1/4″/6mm steel and the Mag-Utility Hook 40 has 40lbs/18kg holding power on 1/4″/6mm steel.  Lets you hang tools, lights, nuts and bolts within reach. Use it for job site safety to keep your work area clean – support wires, air hoses, ground lines and avoid trip hazard by keeping them off the floor. Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology, offers complete on/off control so steel debris just fall off. From Mechanics, to shop keepers, to farmers and DIY – you’ll love your Magswitch helping hand.

Part # Description Holding Power (lbs)
8100012 Mag-Utility Hook 25 25
8100006 Mag-Utility Hook 40 40


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