Remote Control Lifting Magnet

///Remote Control Lifting Magnet

Remote Control Lifting Magnet

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Product Description


Magswitch introduces the world’s first cordless electric heavy lifter. The ideal lifter for transporting steel in hard to reach places such as narrow beams where where manual on/off lifters are hard to turn on, or places where using manual lifters is unsafe such as steel located high up on racks or steel sheet being placed on a cutting or burn table. The Magswitch cordless electric lifter offers unprecedented convenience and safety for your employees. One operator can work alone and control the lifter from a safer distance.

The E50 – 900/660 CE with Remote Control Features a remote control operation for single operator efficiency. No lifter has even been this easy and offers this level of safety. The remote control features allow the operator to turn on and off the magnet from a safer distance. No need for time consuming set ups, in fact the operator doesn’t even need to do anything but lower the lifter on to the target and turn on the lifter magnet with his remote control. This cordless electric lifter achieves full hold on 1/2″ (12mm steel).

Part # Description Size HxWxD (mm) Weight (lbs/kg) Safe Working Load (lbs/kg)
8100387 E50 – 900/660 CE with Remote Control 330 x 102 x 235 19.4 / 8.8 600/272