Hand Lifters

Hand Lifters

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Magswitch Cordless Electric on/off magnetic hand lifter is a worlds first! Featuring push button on/off control and a 230lb/104kg Magswitch safety rated to 60lb/27kg for safe lifting limits. Comes with two Lithium Ion batteries and a charger. Each battery offers 2,000 cycles per charge. Safety features: Battery power “on” light, blinking light if battery needs recharge. Magnet stays on even if battery loses power. Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control (stays clean). Perfect for burn tables or repetitive pick and place. No need to touch hot, sharp or dirty steel. Let Magswitch do it with unprecedented convenience.  Magswitch manual on/off magnetic hand lifter features a 230lb/104kg Magswitch safety to 60lb/27kg for safe lifting limits.   Features Magswitch patented technology, turns on and off with the simple 180 degree turn of a knob.  No more using levers or fighting magnets.  Use for straight lift, or use the pivot handle for use dragging sheet.  Don’t Touch hot, sharp, dirty heavy steel with your hands, let Magswitch do it.  Mounting holes on bottom to join more than one hand lifter together.

Part # Description Lifting Power (lbs) Safe Working Load (lbs/kg)
8100385 Hand Lifter 60-CE (Cordless Electric) 60 45/20
8100359 Hand Lifter 60-M (Manual) 60 45/20


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