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MagJigs are the Ultimate Workholding Clamp. Nothing else like it – ever!  Incredible hold force in a simple 180° turn! Unmatched speed, strength and precision in clamping, Magswitch MagJig Magnetic Clamps have revolutionized table top workholding in woodworking and industrial fixtures.  Features fast, strong set up anywhere on a steel or cast iron table or fence.  Not limited by the miter slot or table edge. Featuring the patented Magswitch® technology for complete on/off control, super strong , precise positioning.  The 30 & 40mm Forstner Bit allows users to make their own jigs and fixtures to accommodate the MagJig 95 &150 (sold separately). Just drill a hole into 3/4″ thick material using a Forstner bit, and drop in the MagJig for a strong and versatile holding fixture or jig.

Part # Description Holding Force (lbs) Hole/Magnet Size (mm)
8110004 MagJig 95 95 30/20
8110005 MagJig 150 150 40/30
8100377 MagJig 235 235
180098 30mm Forstner Bit
180099 40mm Forstner Bit


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